Stride into Life

Dani Simpson, BSc is the Founder of Stride Into Life. Her vision is of healthy people and communities, transformed by life-giving thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

Stride Into Life

A transformational language expert, Dani is an accomplished writer who studied relationship management, the power of words, inner healing and happiness for over twenty-years.

Her Stride Into Life programmes are encouragingly successful in the fields of education, business and wellness, and the culmination of years of charity work helping people find healing and wholeness.

She invites you too to live the very best version of yourself.

The Power for Change

With her moving personal story (in overcoming chronic disease, fatigue, depression and trauma) Dani’s work is gaining global exposure and impacting the lives of people across the world.

Dani achieves this by harnessing the power of Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Healthier Relationships, Joy and Gratitude, and saying no to both dis-ease and disease.


Stride Into Life courses and workshops encompass stress busting sessions and training for business, the healthcare sector, hospitals, schools, churches and other organisations. The power for change is within you!

Join the Stride-Revolution and pledge to create a transformed life, and a world of ‘love, life, courage, health, wholeness and happiness’.

"I have been so impressed by Dani and her story. What she brings to the world is all the more powerful because of her vulnerable authenticity. We need more Dani’s!"

Patrick Mayfield, Author of ‘Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out’

Stride Into Life Courses

The Stride Into Life programmes:

  • Enhance emotional awareness and team building
  • Cultivate authenticity and a more positive environment
  • Encourage meaningful, healthy and helpful connections
  • Build a culture of wellness, productivity and trust
  • Diminish unhealthy motives and camouflaging
  • Audit and instill healthy boundaries
  • Energise your teams, family and community
  • Develop your untapped true potential
  • Generate optimal well being
  • Clear the elephants in the room that reduce productivity
  • Help prevent sickness, dis-ease and disease
  • Teach strategic problem-solving skill sets
  • Evaluate and enhance relationships
  • Find wholeness through happiness and wellness

The proven health benefits:

  • Choose to no longer ‘act out’ or ‘play out what we say out’ by transforming what we think
  • Build new neural pathways and ‘go to’ ways of healthier thinking
  • Dynamic workbooks to ensure encoding of learning
  • Peel off unhelpful ‘sticky labels’ that have been projected onto us
  • Understand the progression to depression and redress unhealthy boundaries
  • Capture common unhelpful phrases and sayings that breed negativity and low mood
  • Replace unhealthy sayings with positive energising words that build up not tear down
  • Develop healthy habits to check and redress our pressure gauges
  • Learn healthy ways to challenge and confront
  • Find neutral buoyancy in life and choose wellness not illness
  • Benefit from the scientifically proven benefits of laughter and joy journaling
  • Decrease stress, develop resilience, control blood pressure and release endorphins which elevate mood.
  • Grow emotional intelligence, self-management and relational skills
  • Reshape the brain and develop skills of empathy and restraint
  • Reframe rejection and increase personal and team capacity
  • Encouragement to ‘speak up and speak well’

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