Resilient Brilliant You

You are warmly invited to start or join a Resilient Brilliant You Lifestyle Book Group. Sharing your reading and resilience journey with others who seek to improve their quality of life is a great way to grow from shared experiences and overcome the things that have blocked or stopped you. Cement and share healthy new habits using the interactive pages. Each person in the group can feel encouraged, empowered, valued and accepted. Your group could be a corporate or healthcare group, a religious or community group, a home group, a friends or family group, or a follow-on group.

Connection in a small group activates positive change and healing, transforming outcomes in families, friendships, careers and lives.

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Transforming Lives Together

As a Lifestyle Book Group Leader in the past, I found our common bond made us healthier. We become stronger together. We developed deep friendships through shared experiences. We learned new ideas about wholeness, purpose, and living free. We became the best versions of ourselves, together.


In the field of health my goal is always for people to leave feeling fed, whole, empowered, authentic, confident and joyful. In groups people find this. They find camaraderie. They become more open and compassionate. This reduces stress, builds resilience and reframes limiting beliefs. Health is wealth.


Resilient Brilliant You

On the 7 part journey of 21 steps, you will learn how dynamic shifts in our thought life effortlessly produce resilience, healthier habits, emotional healing, physical recovery, and optimal all round wellness. This is the life-changing path of recovery from emotional dis-ease and disease, to redress unhelpful things that shape us. This is a book for every body. Create a life less ordinary. Overcome and protect yourself from stress, fatigue, setbacks, emotional pain and fear, and reverse the ill health they cause. Join the journey mapped out for you from the fields of inner healing, positive psychology, coaching and neuroscience.

Join me to tackle common experiences and create a life we were all meant to live – remove the harmful labels stuck on you, redress limiting beliefs, lay down payoffs, create new boundaries, have braver conversations, grow your emotional intelligence, build resilience, embrace forgiveness, reframe rejection, break up with fear and perfectionism, and live out the science of gratitude and joy.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? In this revolutionary book, I plot a proven transformative path of life-changing outcomes that heal mind, body and soul. Take 21 progressive steps to transform your health, relationships, career and life.

Will you say ‘yes’ to your happiest, healthiest, most courageous life yet?

Resilient Brilliant You will help you:

  • Build resilience and move out of your stuck places, no matter the cause.
  • Reclaim, protect and nourish your authentic self.
  • Have more courageous conversations with yourself and others.
  • Reverse common habits that cause ill health, and much more…

Host or join a Resilient Brilliant You Lifestyle Book Group

To transform your workplace, family or community why not start or join a Resilient Brilliant You Lifestyle Book Group. Email [email protected] to register as a host or to find a group near you. Hosts receive support from me and extra dynamic tools to transform outcomes in your group.

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“Each step will throw you in to a headspace you didn’t know you had and aid you in finding the correct path for you in this moment.”

Henry Nicholson
CEO The Rebel School, London

Be Nourished, Transformed and Refreshed

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