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I consult with expert peers and mentors whose common goal is optimal wellness. We understand that symptoms and stress merely mask the causes of conditions, and that so much of stress and ill health can be reversed. A whole person approach dives deeper looking to understand dis-ease and symptoms of disease to live in optimal health emotionally and physically.

Sue Jameson

Laughter Coach, Joy Activist and Speaker

Based in South Africa, Sue has studied laughter, joy and happiness for over twenty-five years, addressing small and large groups with her Joy-on-Call programme, which introduces the transforming power of joy and laughter – especially as an antidote to stress.

Since lockdown 2020 Sue and her team worked on adapting her high-impact workshops and seminars for corporations, churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, retirement homes and many other groups, and introduced global webinars. Her work is now impacting the lives of people across at least four continents.

What affects Sue deeply is lives half lived. She often quotes Henry David Thoreau, who said, “Most men (and women) lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” She believes she is called to make a difference and has a great desire to help people find their ‘song’ – and their laughter.

Jo Hampton

Ecologist and NHS One You Walk Leader

Jo Hampton is an ecologist who is passionate about inner healing and increasing people’s wellbeing through connection to the great outdoors and being in touch with nature. Her professional background in ecology and nature conservation includes time with the Kent Wildlife Trust. She is an accredited NHS One You walk leader.

Jo is renowned as an outdoor educator who brings nature alive. From finding sherbet golden delicious apples in the sunshine on self-seeded trees to spotting cormorants at the beach alongside wild heather and sea kale Jo brings the countryside and coast to life. She has a heart for nature and community, and joys in evidence based science. “We know that meaningful connection, and walking and talking in nature are incredibly healing” and adds “healed people are healthy people. Walking is something anyone can do so anyone can start anytime”. True to her nature Jo is a part time dog walker too.

Georgie Delaney

Founder The Great Outdoor Gym Company and TGO-Activate

Georgie Delaney, MBE worked for Sport England before founding The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) in 2007. Today, TGO is world’s leading specialist with over 2000 outdoor gyms globally including in London’s Olympic park, St Thomas’ Hospital and Bondi beach Sydney.

“My passion is to increase physical activity levels, increase wellbeing and promote climate action globally” says Georgie. TGO gyms is recognised for preventative health and reaching inactive groups. 26% of TGO’s gym users are new to exercise (independent NHS survey). Through TGO Georgie has bought manufacturing to Britain and planted thousands of trees in the NHS Forest.

In 2008 TGO partnered with adidas using TGO gyms to engage communities with the Olympic Games installing 70 new giant spaces. In 2012 TGO was featured on CNN global with a pioneering gym range that harnesses human energy, turning it into electricity for phone charging, lighting spaces or national grid tie. Georgie believes “Movement is medicine!”. In June 2021, Georgie was notified of her MBE by her Royal Highness The Queen.

Karolina Richert

Holistic Health Specialist 

Karolina is passionate about peoples journey to holistic well-being. She is known for MOT health test services from full-body health tests and hormone balance checks to nutritional assessments and preventive care. Karolina and her team are motivated by preventative healthcare and vitality. “Deeply rooted in my passion for holistic health is the profound influence of my dad, a seasoned herbalist and naturopath with 20 years of experience. Growing up under his guidance, I was surrounded by his understanding of holistic health which significantly shaped my mission to cultivate well-being and educate others on their journey to optimal health” says Karolina.

Quick fixes rarely result in change, so I am committed to keeping abreast of the latest innovations in healthcare through conferences and the expertise of my health peers to support clients in cementing the habits for healthy lifestyles. Following your free 30 minute Breakthrough to Health consultation with me there are four 121 coaching options and prices available, plus transformational programmes for businesses and schools. After taking time to understand how I could support you I’ll provide a recommendation for meaningful change.

 Your health matters to me

“Dani is a champion for all who are drawn into her bright and shining orbit. All are impacted by her presence and none will leave it unchanged.”

Sue Jameson
Joy Activist and Laughter Coach